Who We Are

KYSMA Preschool Resources is a blog that aims to provide you with helpful information and resources to refer to while teaching your preschoolers. Young children learn differently than anyone else, and creativity isn’t just a preference—it’s a necessity to keep your preschoolers engaged.

Keeping Children Engaged

Own interests motivate very young children, and it isn’t effortless to get them engaged in something they don’t naturally find interesting. According to Helen Neville, preschoolers are easily distracted by things that they find more interesting than the task at hand, so these must relate to the types of things that they enjoy. 

Young children stay more engaged when they’re successful at their tasks, as well as when tasks involve humor and games. KYSMA Preschool Resources aims to give you ideas for activities that will keep your preschoolers interested.

Guiding Children With Our Resources

Children are learning machines. They learn all sorts of pre-skills before they’re old enough to attend school, from academic-type skills like letters and numbers to social skills like how to follow routines and how to be students. 

The skills that children learn before attending school set the framework for how they’ll learn for the rest of their lives. Choosing the right activities to keep them engaged and excited about learning can influence their attitudes toward school and thus their education for years to come.

What We Do

KYSMA Preschool Resources provides ideas and resources for keeping preschoolers engaged and positive. Since every child is different, having a lot of activities at your fingertips is essential to ensure you have something for everyone. Once you’ve got the attention of your preschoolers, be sure to keep it with a task that takes advantage of young children’s natural eagerness to explore, learn, and succeed.

At KYSMA Preschool Resources, our priority is to help you keep your preschool-age children happy and entertained with educational and fun ideas. Children are already eager to learn how to be successful in life—they’re just waiting for you to help them along. And since preschoolers, lovely as they are, can be hard to handle, KYSMA Preschool Resources is here to help you along.